Greek Plus Size Fashion with MAT. Fashion: Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook

If you are one of those ladies who want to try on unique convertible clothes in classy casual flair and powerful mystical prints, then MAT. Spring Summer 2015 collection is meant exactly for you. From stylish chambray denim selections, to print mixing attitudes, to crisp refreshing whiteout trends, you are about to see dreamy combinations and wild motifs throughout the new lookbook, comprising the most impressive sides of summer style that will change everything you knew about plus size fashion.

There is something absolutely magical in this modern collection of affordable haute couture aesthetic. As you can see, almost every piece is universal in style and can be worn with various pieces, including your favorite jeans, shorts, skirts and accessories. Each creation is a real master-piece, as it underlines your individuality, updates your look and gives you power.MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 05 MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 09One killer option among the fabulous is a sleek light-weight staple in denim blue, which cutely designed in versatile manner – one piece in many ways – as it features a simple tie that strategically placed around the waist giving you free choices of the draping technique. While you can tie around the waist in a more original way leaving the one side hidden behind the endless pleats of the blouse, you can also leave its drapé cut completely free creating in the same time airy sleeves. So a classical loose kaftan suddenly becomes a two-in-one piece if you just tie its long tail around your waist on the front or on the back. This design can completely change the silhouette, offering you those ideal hourglass proportions. MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 08 MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 07For the timeless denim lineups, a few striking styles are offered in a bit of pin-up 50s influence, featuring maxi skirts, skinnies and flared pants, oversized jumpsuits, vest jacket, maxi dress and hooded tunic dress that you can pair each of these with white ensemble for a laid-back, statement appearance, or make an interesting denim-on-denim apparel for the perfect casual summer styles. MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 03 MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 10Not only comes with the basic summer essentials of denim and white pieces, Mat. fashion’s spring summer collection has also a variety of multi-patterned items for every woman who has a dynamic personality. From tribal-bohemian influences to floral and tropical designs to animal prints, these trends let us mix one to each other, or pair them with mono-tone staple in order to create amazing and stylish outfits.     MAT Fashion Spring Summer 2015 Look Book 06Last but not least, the label doesn’t forget about details and appliques as well. Urban vibe and romantic pieces are enriched with chic details of embroideries, draped, pleated, folds, rufles, textures, and bohemian fringes, inspired by vintage feeling of fabulous prints and beautiful colors. This newest collection also includes timeless pieces where feminine elegance meets stylish boho power in every trend.

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