Fashion Tricks to Make You Look Slimmer at the Party

No matter what body shape you may have, there’s always a situation when you are invited to a last minute “come when you can” party, at the same time you also need a very urgent fashion tricks to disguise the annoying fat from one specific area of the body, such as your butt, your thighs, your abs, or back of your arms. Obviously, there will be no time for diet or even doing a fast exercise. Like it or not, you got to be ready for the event.

First thing first, keep in mind that you can still look gorgeous with a few extra pounds than you usually have. Be confident and comfortable with your body and outfit, and learn how to disguise those ‘unwanted’ extra pounds with these very easy fashion tricks.

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1. Find the color
Every fashion rules agree that a dark shaded dress – don’t have to be black, dark grey, or midnight blue – can make your body look slimmer and thinner. Follow this trick if you find it necessary or if you have the exact dark shaded dress in your wardrobe.

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Other than dark shaded dress, although monochromatic outfits in light hues might not hide the “unwanted” body part but they can help to lengthen your body silhouette. To dress monochromatically you don’t have to wear all pieces in the same tone, but just find pieces in the same color family. For example, opt for a sleeveless dark maroon top with a light maroon skirt to create.

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2. Volumes and details
Although volumes and details can add the effect of weight, both are great to draw the attention away from the body part you want to disguise. So placed either volumes or details strategically in your body and use them to create a more balanced body shape. For example, if your thighs are thick but your neck is thin, invest in a blouse with volume on the upper half of your body to divert attention from the bottom half, and vice versa. Or put details on the body part you want people to see.

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If you don’t have the appropriate dress with volumes and details, use accessories to draw people attention. For example, choose the simplest party dress you have. If you want to move the attention away from your bottom part bet on a chunky necklace or scarf, or use black tights to make your legs slimmer. If you have bigger arms opt for a dark cardigan or blazer to create smaller look to your upper body.
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3. Prints and Patterns
Obviously, vertical stripes will create a visual slimmer and taller effect to the body silhouette. On the other hand, common vertical lines on head and toe make it look like you are overly confined to fashion rules. As if your goal of making your body taller is too predictable. Just add a few surprises by opting for different types or designs of vertical lines. Add some colors or dimension to complement the look.

Other than volumes and details, patterns and prints can also be used to draw the attention of your outfit. Small prints are good to draw the attention away, while bigger or brighter prints are eye-grabbing. Focusing some prints on the center of your outfit can also give a visual slimmer look to your silhouette. Use this trick by pairing two pieces of solid and prints, and combine them to have a balanced figure.

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Today’s celebrities love to wear varieties of optical illusion dresses to create such beautiful hour glass silhouette. Do some shopping if you find this kind of dresses worth buying to make your figure look slimmer. The dizzying design gives the impression of a thin waist and wider cup size, all in the blink of an eye, tricking the eye and creating a sensation.

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4. Emphasize the Waistline
No matter what coloring, scale, height, proportion or body shape you are, every woman should know how to create balance of upper and lower body. Emphasizing your waistline can be a good option to create that proportioned hour glass figure. Drawing attention with prints or details on part of the body you want to highlight, while enhancing curvy frame with belts or waistbands can be a good trick when you are trying to make slimmer or taller appearance.

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5. Understand the length of your outfit
Especially for layers, the length of cardigans or blazers should preferably start with choosing the right cut for your figure. Just make sure it’s hemmed properly for the right length. Look for a short blazer if you have larger hips. Stick with simpler blazers if you have a full bust. Layers with longer length are also visually slimming and lengthening, while achieving the most beautiful trim of your look.

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6. Wear body shaper
When you are facing a very urgent situation like a last minutes party invitation, it’s always worth investing in corset or body shaper to create a visual slimmer figure instantly. This trick may not comfortable and convenience to wear daily, but some people do wear this body suit daily to reduce some pounds. It’s up to you whether you prefer wearing them daily or just for special occasions.

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7. The Power of Heels
Wearing heels definitely will give much leaner silhouette on your figure. If you wish to create the illusion of height, avoid ankle straps that only cut your leg off with a horizontal line at the top of the foot. Opt for skinny heels over thick ones, or stick with open-toed shoes or sandals, you may also wear heels that have skin tones to create longer legs. The trick is to showing more skin on your foot. It is a simple way to extend the appearance of your height. The more skin an observing eye notices on your leg, the longer your leg will seem. The longer your leg seems, the taller you look

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