10 Basic Outfits of Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Most of the times every woman will always need to face those kinds of situation when we look at the wardrobe, and we do not know what to wear, at the same time we really need to get out of the house instantly. And if you find difficult to mix-and-match your collection, suffer from a lack of ideas to build best outfits for any occasions, just keep in mind these few easy options to follow and choose something similar in your closet, put them in group to make your outfits easier to combine.

One secret you may try so you wouldn’t need to worry much about your entire outfits and always know what to wear, is to purchase the outfits entirely rather than buying some separate parts to combine with what you have at home. Or, even before going shopping, spend time looking at your wardrobe first to think some pieces you want to pair, as well to give ideas of what you are going to buy.

What to wear with printed skirtHow to match with your printed pieces

Another tip is to focus on prints and patterns. If you have printed pants or skirts, opt for tops like sweaters, tees and coats in smooth and solid colors, and vice versa. Don’t double-pattern an outfit. Two patterns in one outfit is nothing but tacky and crazy. To create looks with ease is to always think about balance first than style. If one part of your look attracts more attention, the other should be more neutral.

When deciding to pull off an outfit, keep in mind that you need to feel comfortable and confident wearing any outfit, meaning you’re not going to show any confidence if you aren’t confident with the way you look. Choose your most favorite pieces when you are not in mood of wearing any outfit. Play with accessories to camouflage your style. If you are afraid of getting caught wearing the same tee-with-jeans, add a bright, colorful scarf or big chunky necklace to make it seem like it’s a one-of-a-kind outfit and to energize your mood.

Leggings street fashionThe versatile black leggings for any different occasions

For day to day wearing, leggings can be something great to play around with dressing up or dressing down. Wear your leggings with dress, skirts, or shorts then add something casual for the tops. Also remember about the timeless, elegant color of black. Black is a flattering color on everyone. If you’re leaning away from wearing a brightly colored outfit, a black blouse and jeans looks good on everyone.

Take a look at these steps before you start outfitting to leave you with a knock-out outfit every day. Firstly is to decide what mood you are in. If you feel happy and active, opt for something flirtatious, classy, and springy, and do all the mix-and-match between clothes and accessories to complement your mood.

Fashionable day to day wearFashionable day to day wear with accessories and colors combination

On the other hand, if you don’t feel having a good mood, pick your favorite outfit, do less with accessories, and put comfort in the first place. You don’t have to choose something gloomy and show off your mood, instead, find bright and colorful pieces, yet comfortable for the entire day.

Casual day to day wearSimple and easy day to day outfits for any different occasions

Secondly is to know your body shape and figure. If you feel having a little pound extra than you usually have, make sure your entire wardrobe fits you well. Wear a flowy top with shorts to hide your mid-section and to focus on your legs. On contrary, choose a tight, well-fitted top with flare pants when you want you show off your midsection and camouflage your legs.

Shorts and flare pants for big thighDisguise the “unwanted” part of your body visually with the right outfits.

Lastly, be yourself and make sure you wear an outfit suitable for that day. Choose whatever outfit you like to fashion as long as you know that the outfit represents you well. Don’t do fashion by copying someone that you are not, remember that sometimes fashion can be best for others but worst for the others. Also make sure your outfit appropriate for the occasions, thus you need to know what event and purpose you are going into, whether you can wear something casual or you need to be neater and more polite. Don’t forget about the weather as well, whether you should opt for something light-weight or thick.

To inspire you to get practicing your outfits, and to make your life easier, check the 10 selections below and learn whether you have the similar pieces at home. Here, we choose fashion pieces that are affordable enough, costing max $200 each pairing.

Jeans and t shirt fashion lookJeans and T-shirt
No one would say no to this very easy combination that always works well on everyone, and surely women mostly have these two pieces in the wardrobe, as they fit perfectly the hot days, as well can be a fresh look to go to college, to work or shopping.

Little Black Dress Fashion IdeasLittle Black Dress
Classy, comfortable and elegant, the LBD is definitely an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It saves you in situations where you need to be elegant without spending a lot of time. However, when wearing this flattering fashion staple, it might require powerful accessories like a sequined, animalier, or bold colored clutch, and stylish heels to match the look.

Flare Pants and Shirt Fashion IdeasFlare Pants and Shirt
This combination will always be classic and very versatile. Matching flare pants with shirt in neutral tones is a perfect choice for many occasions, such as going to a meeting, having a coffee with friends or going shopping.

Skirt Fashion IdeasStyle with Skirts
Having at least one skirt among your collection is very important, and make sure to leave the skirt looking sexy on you in the right measure including sizes, heights of the waist, and lengths of the hem. Pair them with top that is simple, yet chic and flattering. After all, remember that one main goal of wearing skirt is to balance the figure as well to add femininity and elegance in you.

Floral Dress Fashion IdeasThe Floral Dress
Every fashion pieces that come with floral prints are ideal for spring and summer, especially for those prints that show freshness and colors. For summer, bet on a dress with light fabric and simple, stylish design for your day-to-day comfort, and combine with something girly and sweet such as low-heeled sandals, feminine flats, or a fun clutch. However, you may also wear these prints with tights and boots in winter or cold days to bring warmth and cheerful attitude into the outfits.

Coat and Jacket Fashion IdeasDress and Jacket
A jacket will always bring such a great, casual look especially during cold days. And having a thick, warm coat in winter wardrobe is essential even for those who live in cities with warm climate since it may be necessary for traveling. Just combine your jacket with a winter dress for a more feminine look, and pair them with socks or tights, as well as boots to protect your feet from the cold.

Short and Knitted Top Fashion IdeasShorts and Knitted Top
To enhance your fashionista look without much effort, shorts can be one of the tricks which then combined with a knitted blouse, sweater or tee. Choose high-quality knitted pieces that have a matching tone with your denim shorts, and finish the entire look with a powerful footwear. To let the sophisticated look, bet on a maxi necklace and a fun hobo bag. This look is great for going to college, to a happy hour, walking around the mall or visiting friends.

Leggings Fashion IdeasPowerful Leggings
Without any doubt, leggings are surely one of the most versatile and practical fashion staples everybody loves. You can pair the pieces either with shirt, tee, long sweater, and any other tops, loose or tight. Leggings and loose top, on the other hand, is a democratic pairing that virtually serves all body shapes and types. This combination can pretty much be your wildcard to save you in days when there’s a little creativity. To avoid being too boring, choose leggings in more colorful prints or brighter shades.

Leggings and Biker Jacket Fashion IdeasSkinny Pants and Jacket
Check out your wardrobe whether you already have a pair of skinny pants + a chic shirt + a jacket. If you haven’t got any pair of them, consider purchasing as one of your fall-winter outfit essentials. This combination will definitely guarantee an optimal result for those cold days. As for more daring looks, play along with studs and sequins, or any other flashy details on your shirt or jacket.

Sequined Dress Fashion IdeasThe Glamour of a Sequined Dress
It’s always necessary to have at least one party dress in your closet, or may be three to five pieces for those who often invited to a night social events. And a sequined dress is surely one of those perfect choices to invest. Dresses with sequins will do all the glam at a night-out without needing any other accessories to highlight the outfit. In fact, you can just match your sequined dress with something basic, yet elegant to give a balanced look.

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